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About Me

Im Omer regev. 

Was born in 76',Israel.

Father to Itamar and Michal - my beautiful angels and married to the beautiful woman on the planet - Elinor. She`s an artist herself..
My four legged angels' name is Nina.


Im a photographer in my soul and an IT manager at night.. the combination is WOW :-)

Love to take pictures of animals,nature,people and in the last few years, product and katalog pics - studio photography.


I join groups around the world and catch the best memories they have  ! watch some in the menu : around the world..

Taking pictures of beauty is something really great and it fills you with satisfaction and love.

Have a good one! 


Contact Me

22 rehavat ilan Street

Givat shmuel, ISRAEL

Tel: 0525-228444

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